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Comfort and pain relief with every step

Easy to clean and won’t absorb water.
Comfort and pain relief with every step.
The best shoes for walking on slick surfaces.

About Zuekkos Drypro

Did you know that a whole 70% of back and ankle pain is caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes? 
  • These sandals, thanks to their ergonomic design, will help you reduce pain related to everyday bad posture and uncomfortable positions.
  • The Zuekkos Drypro’ sole is thick, and it’s designed to absorb the impact of your steps when you walk, and increase grip and stability on any kind of surface.
  • Another aspect of Zuekkos Drypro’ design that makes them uniquely practical, is the slight upward tilt of the toe, which ensures that your feet won’t slide out of place. And the shock absorption of the thick, soft sole can’t be beat.
The best option of the market

Main pros

Max comfort and a variety of designs
Show off your style while helping relieve foot pain
Soft and resistant to wear and tear
Soft, resistant to wear and tear, and stains, quick-drying, and easy to clean. The sizes run a bit small compared to other shoes, so we recommend buying a size bigger than you usually wear.
EVA material, for a perfect cushion that absorbs impact while you walk. Very flexible.
Pain relief
for your feet
Comfort and pain relief with every step. 
The best shoes for walking on slick surfaces.
Thanks to the EVA material with which they are made


Are they non-slip?
Yes, these shoes offer excellent stability and grip on wet surfaces.
Will the light colors get dirty if I wear them in the street?
These shoes are very easy to clean, so it’s like wearing a new pair of shoes every day.
Are some colors for men and others for women?
No, all models are 100% unisex and available in all sizes (depending on stock)
Are they comfortable or do they feel hard on your feet?
Because of the EVA material with which they’re made, these sandals are not only super comfy, but also light, durable, and won’t break if bent or  folded.
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The best option of the market

Buy now 50% off and FREE delivery!
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